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What we offer

You are unique! And so is our pricing. Every project is special, so we're flexible.

Get in touch and we'll talk about costs and a few uninteresting

but necessary technicalities. 



Whatever the package you get, you'll get the Joneses as a pair! We can cover part of the day or from when you put your hair up to get ready in the morning, till you let it down when the dancing kicks off. Whatever you need we'd love to chat further, and we can't wait to celebrate the joy with you. 



​Even if we can't make your wedding, we'd love to still document that you said yes to each other. It can be lovely to have nice photos of before you were married to look back on too! Most importantly it's perfect for getting used to the camera for the big day!

Starting at - £250



As well as weddings, we also do Portrait shoots. Whether you need a headshot for your CV, artwork for your new EP, some photos as a family,  of your pooch or anything else in-between, we'd love to hear from you!

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Anything Else?

As well weddings we also do event and lifestyle photography and are always up for trying out new things!


If you have a project in mind, we'd love to chat!

Lets Chat!

We'd love to explore things
further with you!

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